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Upon completion and transfer of your website, the creation of the design will continue to be credited to Shanice Carroll. The footer (bottom) of your website will have the name of my company.

It will read: 

© [YOUR/BUSINESS NAME]​ 2022. | This Website Was Designed By:


Shanice Carroll is allowed to share the website design on their website (portfolio), social media accounts, newsletter, or wherever else they need to provide reference or credit for work that they have created. 

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1. You agree to the completion date for the Website design.
2. The remaining payment of your website design service is due two weeks (14 days) after the first payment is made (Remaining payments for projects that will be finished in less than two weeks are due before the website is transferred, or payment is due on or before the completion date.).
3. If your payment isn't received in two weeks of the initial payment, Shanice Carroll will not resume the project until the payment is paid in full.
4. You agree to 1-2 rounds of revisions (or none if the customer believes that 1-2 revisions aren't necessary).
5. If you require more revisions beyond the completion date, you must book the "Website Maintenance" service to have additional changes done to your website. If for whatever reason you delay/pause the revisions process, the website will still be transferred "as is" on the completion date (as long as the service is paid in full before the website is transferred). 
6. If a client needs to postpone the project for more than 5 days, there is a $10/day holding fee (unless the project is canceled or the fee is waived). This ensures that as the days/weeks pass, you'll have time reserved in my schedule for when you're ready to resume work on the project. This fee will be charged after 5 days of: no communication, a deadline that's past due or the client has informed me that the project must be delayed or put on hold. Once the fee is paid, Shanice Carroll will resume working on your website.
7. If a client cancels their project for any reason and has not paid the remaining balance, the website will not be transferred to the client because the service has not been paid in full.  As a result, once you sign the cancellation form, Shanice Carroll will no longer make changes to your website and will maintain "ownership rights" to it. However, Shanice will transfer the website to the client "as is" after the client has paid off the complete balance (and fees if applicable). There are no refunds.
8.  On the completion date, the website will be transferred to your Wix account "as is" or fully completed (I will not transfer the website until the final payment has been received)

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